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Wuxi Baode Lian Industrial Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. serves customers in more fields. At present, the achievements have been widely used in the electronics and electrical industry, automobile manufacturing, shoe-making and bag industry, textile and garment industry, packaging and printing industry, sheet metal processing industry and other industries, providing hundreds of sets of intelligent laser manufacturing equipment for end users in the above industries.

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Equipment Brief Introduction
SP series Laser Wire Stripper is a leading professional one researched and manufactured to strip the wires in home, adopts the design of two optic systems working simultaneously, contains the laser, optical system, control electronics, power supplies, mechanical components, water-cooling system and air exhaust, etc and highter efficiency, better price performance ratio compared with the similar equipments in current market.
*By abopting the transmission of precise linear module with high precision, high speed, long life, small abrasion, compact construction and stable running.
*Accomplishing processing once since adopting the design of two fully closed laser tubes and two optic systems working simultaneously with more efficiency, security and reliability.
*High-performance PLC controller with complete functions, friendly interface, simple and convenient operation and atable working.
Equipment processing advantages
*Adility to process the filament and mini-filament above AWG#30,drop-out lines, ribs and coaxial cables etc;
*It can strip well the shield without deforming and hurting insulation ;when striping insulation, It will not damage can ductors, so the ending production rate is very high;
*Simple and convenient operations, outstanding performance especially for the traditional tech. Hardly achievements;
*Mechanically completely intangible work will not result in any mechanical extrusion and mechanical stress on processed materials. so the processing quality is very good;
*With the advantage of high-speed laser processing, the efficiency is greatly improved and cost lowered much compared with traditional ways;
*Precise control of the laser out location ;size、depth、repeating orientation. Minimize the possibility of ending product defects.
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Suitable for small data lines below 5mm, fine wire stripping, processing of cable, flat wire, coaxial wire, single wire, double glue wire, multi-layer wire, etc.; CO2 series wire stripping machine is suitable for non-metallic materials, including ethylene polymerization Chloride, glass fiber, polyester, polyester film, fluoride, nylon, polyethylene, aluminum foil, Teflon and other insulating materials with different hardness or high temperature.

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