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Wuxi Baode Lian Industrial Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. serves customers in more fields. At present, the achievements have been widely used in the electronics and electrical industry, automobile manufacturing, shoe-making and bag industry, textile and garment industry, packaging and printing industry, sheet metal processing industry and other industries, providing hundreds of sets of intelligent laser manufacturing equipment for end users in the above industries.

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Equipment Brief Introduction
SP series is our laser wire stripper products which we take the lead to offer in China marking.It is special for stripping the metal shield of mini-filament.Providing a good solution for dealing with the mini filament adove AWG32#.Adopting the high performance doide laser source and double optic path design so it gets high production efficiency,stable performance and it can meet 24 hours operation at full load.
*Good beam quality,stable optical power,low power consumption and low running cost.
*Taking use of professional constant temperature water cooling system,precise control of temperature which can meet 24hours operation at full load.
*With the precision linear motion stage and high-performance PLC controller,high precision,high speed.
*One-stop operation design,the most control and parameter setting can be operated on one interface,friendly interface,convenient operation.
Process Features:
*It can strip well the coaxial metal shield and aluminum foll shield without deforming and hurting insulation and conductor,so the ending production rate is very high;
*Easy operating,can finish some special requirements easy which the traditional process can not do;
*Echanically completely intangible work will not result in any mechanical extrusion and mechanical stress on processed materials,so the processing quality is very good;
*Precise control of the laser cut location,size,depth,repeating orientation.Minimize the possibility of ending product defects;
*It can realized mini-coaxial cable automatic laser stripping production line if combination use of SP series laser wire stripper.
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It is applicable for stripping filament,mini-filament and mini-coaxial cable cable above AWG#30m.It is widely used in the industries of medical instruments,High-end automatic test instrument,High rate display equipment(such as notebook computer,LCD,Mobile phone and etc)and light-duty mobile Consumer Electronics.

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