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Analysis of Parameter Factors Affecting Production Quality of Laser Welding Machine

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Wuxi Baode Lian Industrial Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. serves customers in more fields. At present, the achievements have been widely used in the electronics and electrical industry, automobile manufacturing, shoe-making and bag industry, textile and garment industry, packaging and printing industry, sheet metal processing industry and other industries, providing hundreds of sets of intelligent laser manufacturing equipment for end users in the above industries.

Analysis of Parameter Factors Affecting Production Quality of Laser Welding Machine

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The energy of the laser pulse, the frequency of the laser pulse, the pulse waveform of the laser, the relative light absorption rate of the material to be welded, the pulse width of the laser, the laser beam spot diameter, the welding speed, the shielding gas and other parameters all directly affect the quality of the laser welding machine. the elements of.
The energy of the laser pulse: refers to the maximum output energy of a single laser pulse, the unit is J (Joule). This is a main parameter of the laser, which determines the maximum energy that the laser can produce. According to the use of the mold repair, the laser energy can meet the needs of any occasion below 70J, and the large energy is also in vain, or fundamentally Not used, and the increase in the volume of the laser power supply and the volume of the heat sink reduces the efficiency of the power supply.
Compared with other traditional welding machine technologies, laser welding machines have the following advantages:
First of all, the laser welding machine is non-contact type processing, which does not damage the machined parts during the welding process. It has high welding speed, high welding strength, flat weld and small deformation, and can be welded under special conditions (such as closed space). machine.
Secondly, the laser welding machine can weld special materials such as refractory materials of high melting point metals, and even can be used for welding machines of non-metallic materials such as ceramics, plexiglass, etc., welding special-shaped materials with good effect and great flexibility. A non-contact remote welding machine can be applied to a portion of the welding machine that is difficult to access.
Third, the laser beam can be focused to obtain a small spot. Because it is not affected by the magnetic field and can be accurately positioned, a micro-welding machine can be used, which is suitable for group welding of micro- and small-sized workpieces for mass production.