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Advantages and process sharing of laser welding machining technology

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Advantages and process sharing of laser welding machining technology

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Laser welding machine processing technology is a comprehensive technology that integrates laser technology, welding technology, automation technology, material technology, mechanical manufacturing technology and product design. It is reflected in the complete set of special equipment and the matching technology.
The laser welding machine has high processing precision, fast production speed, good surface finish and beautiful appearance. Therefore, it has been applied more to the precision welding industry such as glasses, hardware electronics, jewelry, bathroom kitchenware.
The processing flow is to irradiate the laser beam into the surface area of ​​the processed workpiece. After the laser beam is focused by the optical system, the power density of the laser focus is 104-107 W/cm2, and the interaction between the laser and the object to be soldered is extremely short. During the time, the welded portion forms a highly concentrated heat source region, and the heat can be cooled by the soldered region to form a firm solder joint and weld.
According to the laser used and its working mode, there are two common welding methods, one is pulse laser welding, which is mainly used for single point fixed continuous and welding of book materials, forming one round solder joint during welding; One type is continuous laser welding, which is mainly used for welding and cutting large and thick parts, and forms a continuous weld seam during welding.
In the welding process, the beam focus position is one of the most critical control process parameters. Under certain laser power and welding speed, the maximum penetration depth and good weld shape can be obtained only when the focus is in the optimal position range.